Friday, 4 March 2011

Set folder backgrounds in Nautilus

Nautilus is much more than a file browser; it has a multitude of options designed to make using it easier or more enjoyable. One of these is the ability to set backgrounds to folders.

You can choose your own backgrounds to liven up your folders

The procedure is really simple: Just navigate to the folder that you want to decorate and click Edit > Backgrounds and Emblems. You can then choose whether to have a pattern or colour and you can even pick your own image. Just drag the icon into the folder and the background will change.

This menu also has a useful feature of adding emblems to files and folders. You can use these to highlight important files and make then stand out by dragging the emblem onto it. To reset the emblem, just drag it on again.


  1. I've been using ubuntu for almost a year and hadn't thought of looking for these settings. Thanks to you, my favourite directories all have smiley faces on them now :D

  2. how do i make a picture stretch over the whole folder rather than making it a tile?

  3. It wouldn't be possible without advanced configuration. Also, just resizing the window would make the image look distorted and ugly.

  4. Have you found a way to do this in 11.10 or 12.04 yet?

  5. I'm not sure about backgrounds, but emblems an be added with an external script. Take a look at: