Friday, 25 March 2011

Alarm Clock

Just like GBirthday, reminder and scheduler applications are useful tools to have on your computer. If you've got lots of work to do as well as other activities it's easy to spend too much time one one thing and not have enough time for anything else. Alarm Clock helps with this by letting you schedule reminders, sounds or even programs to happen at a certain time.

 Start your favourite game when you want to give yourself a break.

Alarm Clock has loads of options you can use for each event. Fire it off on certain days and months. Play a sound, run a program, show a popup or even lock the screen. Create templates for common tasks.
Need more time? Use the snooze button to get the alert again a few minutes later

Be sure to spend time looking at all the options because there are a number of menus that each have useful settings for customizing how you use the program.

Finally, there is also an applet version that works in a similar way but is more concise. It's up to you which one you use, though I prefer the main version.


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