Monday, 28 February 2011

A late introduction?

I had planned to jump straight in to this blog and not give an introduction, but I think that I should give the lowdown.

This is the first blog I've made so it will be a new experience to me! Feel free to comment on the posts and ask me to review some software or the like. As you might have guessed, this blog is oriented around the Ubuntu operating system so that's what I'll be focusing on mainly, I'll also write about general Linux stuff and anything else that's related.

I'm going to try to update this blog every day, so I really will need suggestions in the future to help me out. Thanks for reading!

Game Review: Super Tux Kart

First up in this blog, I'll be reviewing Super Tux Kart, a free racing simulator thats available to many Linux distros, not just Ubuntu.

The game in the Ubuntu repositories is version 0.6.2 which isn't the latest, so I recommend you download 0.7 at before you play.

Update: As of 2nd of March, v0.7 is available in the GetDeb repositories.

I like my games to be visually appealing, so the graphics are a big part for me. I tried this game on an integrated graphics chipset and on an ATI Radeon 4550: absolutely no different, yet great 3D graphics! It will run well on what ever video card you have so you won't be disappointed.

The gameplay is generally smooth but the controls can take sometime to respond, so you'll be off the track the first few times you play. After you get used to it and change the settings to your liking however, it is on par with mainstream racing games.

With great graphics and sound gameplay this is a must have for the casual gamer: 8/10