Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Firefox Add-ons Almanac: Part 2

To conclude the almanac:

  • Adblock plus
  • Tab scope 
Destroy the Web
    Adblock Plus
    Nearly every site you go on has adverts, even this one (though I try to use few). Adblock Plus completely changes this; you will never see an advert again. Even YouTube video ads are removed, which I really hated.

    Tab Scope
    If you use lots of tabs it's easy to lose track of what you have open, especially if they have misleading titles. Of course, you could change browser.tabs.tabMinWidth in about:config and restart Firefox, but theres nothing fun about that! Tab Scope adds a real-time image under the tab when you mouse over it, so you can easily see whats in it.

    And just for fun: Destroy the web
    Take your anger out on a website with Destroy the Web. Earn points by clicking elements in the page and try to beat the high scores! (Scores for this blog are at

    Recognize this page?

    Even though this add-on wont get your work done any faster, it's definitely fun to have when theres nothing to do on the internet (is that even possible?)

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    1. Ads can get so annoying, especially pop up ads, I’m glad adblock plus can help with this problem. I often find myself lost shuffling between multiple tabs, I hope this add on will make them easier to manage.